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Poll: Would You Wear These 'Fig Leaf' Underwear To Protect Your Privates From TSA Machines?

If you’re concerned about going through airport security when traveling for the holidays, one company has the perfect solution for conservative travels who don’t want their private areas exposed by body scanners or want to be groped by a TSA agent.

Rocky Flats Gear has introduced their line of ‘fig leaf’ underwear with strategically placed leaf designs made out of lead-free radiation-shielding material to protect your “unmentionables” from those invasive scanners. But the question is, would you actually wear these underwear through security? Let Gary and Lisa know your thoughts and they’ll reveal the poll results tomorrow morning on CBS 2!


Colorado inventor Jeff Buske of Rocky Flats Gear is aiming to make people feel more comfortable when traveling through airport security. His line of “anti-scan” undergarments shield your most private areas from scanners and risks of radiation.

Even though the TSA insists the scanners pose no threat of health risks, travelers are still wary. “I don’t think it was really thought out before they rolled it out,” Buske, an electrical engineer, told The NY Post. “It’s a gigantic public-health risk.”

His new line of fashionable airport security underwear include leaf designed briefs for men and panties and bra inserts for women. Would you wear a pair of these “anit-scan” undies when going through security?

[Source: NYP]

  • Robert

    This is not about keeping the federal pervs from seeing us naked this is about keeping x-rays from being beamed at the skin. Any amount of x-ray radiation has the potential to cause DNA damage and thus skin cancer. Scientists from the University of California have called for the government to stop deploying this scanners immediately. If they are worried, you should be too. It’s time at long last for the American people to grow a pair and just say no. Give the fig leaf something to cover.

  • L K M

    sure why not . i would go with out .if people want to fly safe then just deal with it .

    • Gary Bryan

      How about no?

  • D-Money

    If they can’t see your “junk” then they’ll just give you the full body pat-down and touch your “junk” instead.

    Either way, you’re out of luck.

    • Gary Bryan

      The TSA is giving you service that was formerly available only in a Turkish prison!!

  • Denise

    yeah, I agree with D-Money, I’d rather they see my junk than grope it!

  • Mikey

    Just let me go through the scanner cuz I don’t want someone who isn’t a doctor grabbing my gear and doing things that would make an elephant uncomfortable!

  • Jeff Buske

    Clarification our or product is not “anit-scan” but pro-public health and safety. Privacy aside do you want cancer 10 years from now? This x-ray equipment is dangerous, expecting mothers and children should avoid the scanners. The security area is radioactive or radio warm from x-ray luggage leakage and scanners spraying x-rays in to the area. The security people, crews and frequent travelers are at greater risk. The reason they are called “x-rays” is you can’t see them but, can damage DNA for future generations. Happy Landings Jeff Buske

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