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TSA Fun: New Slogans For The TSA!


With all the new pat down rules at the airports, the TSA needs a new slogan!!

Check some of them out!

  • We handle more packages than UPS!
  • We are free to move about your pants!
  • Don’t worry, my hands are still warm from the last guy!!!

You have any more you wanna submit?? Just comment yours below!!

  • Gary Bryan

    The Balls are in our court!

  • Ruben

    Sir please turn your head a cough!

  • Ruben

    I think I saw something move !!

  • Ruben

    Sir please turn your head and cough!

  • Pio Martinez

    TSA = Touch Some A**

  • frank

    If I feel more than two we are going to have to go to the back room for a closer look!


    Is that a bomb in your underwear or are you just glad to see me!

  • Laura

    Touch & Strip Association please drop everything and gimme 20 jumping jacks.

  • Laura


  • Laura

    For a total internal and external body search and seizure the TSA is always ready for the “Call of Duty”. Hah hah hah ( :

  • cheesy

    thanks and come again.

  • Mikey

    Drop ’em! Your drawers, sir. Drop your drawers!

  • mreich

    Turn your head and cough

  • mreich

    I think I found your keys

  • D-Money

    We’ve been to “first base” with your mother AND father.

  • D-Money

    Oops…wrong base!

    Make that: We’ve been to “Second Base” with your mother AND father.



  • maggie

    Complimentary prostate exam with every security screening!

  • brian allen

    Our heads are up our butts, why not let us put them up yours?

  • Bob

    ..and I don’t love you either!!

  • Gary Bryan

    TSA: “Tough S**t, America!”

  • george

    The all new version of pocket pool.

  • chris brown

    Bored with just killing Americans, the terrorists devise an evil plan to humiliate Americans instead…

  • d

    We’ll touch your wife,so youdont have to.

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