Stop Temper Tantrums With a Little Bob Marley!

If you’re battling with your child’s temper tantrums on a daily basis and have run out of ideas to soothe his or her fits, try what this father did by cranking on some [lastfm]Bob Marley[/lastfm] tunes to calm his crying baby.

There’s only one cure for this “demon child” to stop his crying outbursts, and that’s with the soothing power of [lastfm]Bob Marley[/lastfm]. Throwing up a fight while being strapped into his car seat, this baby instantly calms down once “Buffalo Soldier” starts playing through the speakers.

The power of Bob Marley is strong with this young lad, he even has the reggae head bob down pat! So next time your child is throwing a fit, try a little Bob Marley to mellow them out…or at least to mellow yourself out over the tantrums.

  • Isabel

    I know that my son as a baby through his toddler years did the dame things. He would watch, dance and sing to Bob Marley songs for hours. It was like instant “happy.”

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