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Entertainment Report: Michael Jackson's Mother and Children On Oprah Today!

In the worldwide exclusive interview, Katherine tells Oprah her son did not have an addiction problem, or at least that is what MJ told her.

Oprah asked Katherine if she spoke to her son about his addiction, and she had once, saying, “I don’t want to hear one day that he had overdosed because it would break my heart.” You’ll hear more from Katherine and MJ’s children on Oprah today.

In other MJ controversy, Katherine’s business partner Howard Mann posted a false track he claimed was an unreleased song recorded by Michael, when it was just a remix of his older song “Destiny.”

Tom Selleck is Magnum P.O.’d that he wasn’t casted in his iconic role of Magnum P.I. for the big screen adaptation of the hit show. He says the role of the Hawaiian private investigator should only be played by him, but the studios want to give it modern makeover and have their eyes set on younger actors like George Clooney, Aston Kutcher or Matthew McConaughey.

What do you think…would any other actor be able to grow a ‘stache as impressive as Selleck’s?


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