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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Air Force One Lands At LAX!

President Obama just landed at LAX and we’ve got the exclusive video!!

Check it out!!!

  • kathy

    No, really?

  • John

    Looks like Aero-Mexico going into Manzanillo back in the day. I was sitting there and noticed all the natives tightening their seat belts and grabbing the arm rests. I think the pilots had a contest to see who could bounce the most times before they had to brake to keep from ending up on the beach.

  • hjd

    That was not Air Force One

    • Gary Bryan


      • Jesse J marchena

        lol too funny whos the driver
        a taxi man from tijuana i bet
        wait look like one o my cousins an drugs. LOL

    • Ruben

      Can you prove it was’nt?

      • Guess

        Can you prove it wasn’t? It isn’t blue, doesn’t have the “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” on it or the presidential seal. Can you prove it is? It say TWA on it. Hey Ruben, want to buy some beach front property in Nevada?

      • Guess

        Ok, not TWA but TRW.

  • Debbie Hernandez

    Funny !!! I could almost see our president & his staff bouncing around!!

  • Kim Roach

    Too bad this really didn’t happen to President Obama. He needs a lot of bouncing ariund

  • Castanmat

    Rough landing? That’s how all Obama landings are. It’s the same way he’s steering the country.

  • terri


  • Eric Roach

    All I can Say is “WOW”

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