Crazy Rumor Of The Day: Spielberg To Produce Bee Gees Film?

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Hollywood is a town filled with crazy – crazy money, crazy ideas, crazy people. From today’s crazy pile: A British newspaper is claiming that none other than Steven Spielberg will be producing an upcoming biopic based on … the [lastfm]Bee Gees[/lastfm]?

The Daily Mail has an interesting quote from [lastfm]Robin Gibb[/lastfm]:

“The movie is going to be done by some very important people. It will be our life story. Barry and I will be involved in the technical side… I’d like our original recordings to be used because it’s very hard to emulate them.”

Now, before we leap off the deep end here, it should be pointed out that the paper does not source the Spielberg claim, and the above is the only direct quote in the piece.

That being said, this sounds like a film we’d love to watch! But if [lastfm]Barry Gibb[/lastfm] strides into frame carrying a whip, we’re leaving:

[Source: SlashFilm]

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