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Morning Show Poll: Should Magic Johnson Buy The LA Dodgers?

We stumbled upon this nifty article on ESPN that weighs all the pros on why basketball legend Magic Johnson should use the money from the sale of his Los Angeles Lakers’ stock ownership and use it to buy up the Dodgers.

It argues  that his stake in the ownership of the team could help save the franchise and make the Dodgers a winning team again because of these reasons…

The bullet points on why Magic Johnson should buy the LA Dodgers after he sells his Lakers’ stock:

  • Johnson’s agent Lon Rosen insists he’s not using the money to invest in the Detroit Pistons (his hometown team), so why not go to the logical choice of the local baseball team in the city he’s spent most of his life living in?
  • It would be a great public relations move to buy the Dodgers because Johnson has defined sports in LA from his bronze statue outside the Staples Center to influencing another basketball great, Kobe Bryant.
  • The cultural significance of his ownership: Johnson could become the first black owner in Major League Baseball of the team that had the first black player.
  • Johnson is a winner, plain and simple. Since his last championship ring from his playing days in 1988, Johnson has been building an empire by making smart business moves from staying invested with the Lakers throughout their championships over the past ten years to partnering with Starbucks, maybe the smartest business move ever.

Are these enough reasons why Magic Johnson should buy the Lakers and help restore them to their former glory and wipe away all the scandal happening with the current owners Frank and Jamie McCourt? The ball is in your court, Johnson…

Do you have any other reasons why Johnson should buy the Dodgers? Share them below and Gary and Lisa will read them on CBS2 tomorrow! Read the full story over at ESPN.


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