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Pic of the Day: Guess Who's Hoppin' Around In a Bunny Suit!

Pet-a-Palooza is just around the corner and in honor of the anticipated two-day slober fest where humans and pets mingle as one, we have a special pet edition of Picture of the Day! See if you can guess who this well-known figure dressed in a fluffy, white bunny costume is!

Think you know who’s dressed in A Christmas Story-esque bunny suit? Add your guess and check back for the reveal at 10 a.m.!

I wonder if his Aunt Clara made this bunny suit specially for him for Christmas…

  • Pattie Parker

    Anderson Cooper

  • Lee Huey

    Conan O’Brian?

  • Maria

    It’s Anderson Cooper

  • Norma Weinstein

    In the white suit—David Arquette???
    In the pink suit—can’t think of the kid’s name ;>(

  • Linda

    It’s Anderson Cooper

  • Laura

    Anderson Cooper

  • Gary Bryan

    Joy Behar???

  • Patty

    Anderson Cooper!!!!

  • Bill Richards

    Anderson Cooper of CNN

  • Priscilla

    Peter Billingsley

  • Mary

    Taylor Hicks

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