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Entertainment Report: Whoopi Goldberg And Joy Behar Storm Off The Set of 'The View'

Whoopi and Joy walked off the set after Bill O’Reilly gave his view on whether or not their should be a mosque built near Ground Zero.

O’Reilly made some comments that didn’t sit too well with the ladies of The View, so like the professionals that they are, they stormed off stage. Watch the clip from O’Reilly’s guest appearance on the show and take the Morning Show poll!

Oprah sits down with [lastfm]Michael Jackson[/lastfm]’s mom Katherine Jackson for an exclusive interview.

  • Beyda

    well since most of us work during the time this show is aired…I missed it…what did he say to make them walk off like that..goodness

  • Diane

    Bill should not have had to appologize. I think the girls should be embarrassed that they walked off their own show like children because they dissagreed. I do agree as far as the name of the show “The View” if their guest cannot relay their view without issues they should change the name to “Our View or maybe there should be a change in the host’s that cannot control their feelings.

  • iheartfilm

    I wouldn’t walk off the set, but I would set his paranoic ass straight. What a zealot.

  • JWT

    If Bill is such an exasperating guest, don’t have him on the show. NOT an O’Reilly fan, but I agree that since he was invited, he should be allowed his view (out-there as it usually is)… It was more than obvious that most of the panel did not agree, but storming off makes the women look like spoiled brats — and I LOVE the women of the view! Deep breath ladies :-) Be the bigger people.

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