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Micky Dolenz's Extended Interview On K-EARTH 101!

The sixties might be over and the made-for-TV band [lastfm]The Monkees[/lastfm] may not be together anymore, but the dispersed band members are still making music and keeping that Monkee-mania alive and strong.

Drummer/vocalist, [lastfm]Micky Dolenz[/lastfm] shares with Gary Bryan about his latest music tribute to [lastfm]Carole King[/lastfm] loaded with special guests, and how you can “monkee” around with Dolenz in person this weekend!

Gary Bryan gives Micky a warm welcome on K-EARTH 101 as he shares details about his new cover album of [lastfm]Carole King[/lastfm] classics called King for a Day, in stores now. You can also grab your copy at this weekend’s Hollywood Show at the Burbank Marriott and Convention Center and get it signed by Micky himself!

Listen to Micky’s extended interview with Gary and hear him share stories from his crazy time as a Monkee and living the dream life of a musician!

  • Abbie

    THANK YOU so very much for sharing this with us, K-Earth.
    (I love the name and station call letters)

  • Laurie Ackerman

    Remember when Mickey Dolenz was Circus Boy? His stage name was Mickey Braddock!

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