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K-EARTH 101 Morning Poll: Do You Still Text While Driving?

A new study released last week by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety proved that states who enforce a ban on texting while driving doesn’t actually decrease the amount of cell-phone related accidents on the roads. Obviously drivers aren’t taking the “no texting” ban seriously and instead try to be sneaky with their phones that causes more of a distraction than having it up at eye level.

Gary and Lisa talked about texting while driving on CBS2 this morning and want to know…do you still text while driving even though it’s against the law in California?!

In three of the four states that have banned texting while driving in order to reduce the number of accidents on the road, actually had an increase of the number of crashes than states that don’t enforce the ban.

Do you still try to beat the system and try to get away with texting while driving? Has there ever been a time you’ve been pulled over for texting…or ever just checking your phone to see if there were any messages?

Speaking of texting, you can text The K-EARTH 101 Morning Show at KEARTH (532784), but not while driving of course, because something like this could happen…


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