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Morning Show Poll: Would You Buy Star Wars In 3D?

George Lucas is in the process of re-mastering the entire Star Wars Movie library in 3D!!

So we ask……

Would you buy it… even though you already own the whole set???

  • John

    Star Wars would a great movie for 3D, think about the Death Star attack in 3D. Won’t buy it but would pay to see it 3D in the theater.

  • Matteo

    So far I found out that the only things that 3D adds to movies are $5 to the ticket price and a free headache. “Star Wars” (and any other movie, for what matters) DO NOT need 3D. They need good stories.
    I love the original trilogy as it was. Any other tampering with it so far has only tried to tarnish the memory of those movies. Shame on you, Mr. Luca$!!

  • Laurie Ackerman

    Good morning Gary Gary and Lisa,
    I have a completely decorated StarWars bedroom complete with bedspread, posters, pillows, sword. It makes sense to me to purchase Stars Wars in 3D. First I need to buy a 3D flat screen. I am waiting until the technology is perfect and the price of the 3Ds affordable! Love anything Star Wars! Love Princess Leia, and Hans Solo and of course Luke Skywalker! The action could only become clearer! I can fight Darth Vadar in 3D with clarity!

  • Carmen

    No, I won’t buy but not because I already own the movies (which I do). I just don’t like 3D because the technology still needs improving.

  • Fred

    I do not have EVERY format of anything. I do have the original trilogy of Star Wars in DVD, but they were gifts. As for the 3-D versions, I would consider getting them, depending on costs. At present, there are other movies that are higher on my list to buy.

  • Ariel

    I would only see it in the theatre…I wouldn’t buy it because I think 3D at home is lame!

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