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Dancing With The Stars: Is Michael Bolton Over-Reacting?

bolton Dancing With The Stars: Is Michael Bolton Over Reacting?

Michael Bolton was booted from Dancing With The Stars on Tuesday and he was NOT happy about it!   Bruno and Dancing With The Stars refuses to apologize!

So we ask……

Is Michael Bolton over-reacting???

Here’s what [lastfm]Michael Bolton[/lastfm] had to say to GMA about the harsh words from Bruno:

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  • Laurie Ackerman

    I fully support Michael Bolton. He was hit below the belt as a professional in the industry. He deserved respect from Bruno. I feel that a boundary has been crossed. Therefore, a real man should apologize for his inappropriate tongue lashing of Michael Bolton.
    If the shoe were on the other foot, I bet Michael Bolton wouldn’t criticize Bruno if her sang out of tune!

    • Fred

      Laurie has not been paying attention. Bruno is NOT a real man. This excuses him from being a gentleman.

      • Laurie Ackerman

        I respectfully disagree with you Fred.

  • Gary J

    Bruno was right on!!! He was TERRIBLE!!!! NO appology needed.
    HE should apolgise to the country for being so BAD!!

    • Laurie Ackerman

      I respectfully disagree with Gary J.

    • sue

      I respectfully agree with Gary J.

  • moviesharkd

    Bruno is a professional whose role is to judge based on certain standards. Bolton didn’t live up to those standards as is evident to anyone with eyes. Bolton is allegedly an adult and a professional and should understand and appreciate that process. He clearly doesn’t. None of the judges are there to feed anyone’s ego. And Bolton’s own whining about time commitment to the process was itself a big indicator of his immaturity and lack of professionalism. . .and dare I say, inflated ego. His current demand for an apology just solidifies that. He is worse than a kid on a playground. Good-bye and good riddance.

  • Sandi

    If you can’t take the criticism don’t go on show where you are going to be judged! Michael has a great voice but he definitely can’t dance! So bad……….

  • Laurie Ackerman

    My reaction is even if Michael is out of his element and comfort zone as a musician and now a dancer, he took the challenge to learn how to dance. That is a not suffiicient reason for Bruno to character attack his performance with such a verbal tonuue lashing in front of millions of virewers. DWTS is suppose to fun to as well as a learning process!Can you imagine Gary if children come into a classroom at school trying to figure out how to learn something. and If the teachers are anything like Bruno, what would that do the self -esteem of our nations children? Has anyone considered that perhaps the self esteem of Michael Bolton has been attacked. He is afterall , a human being !!! Bruno should definitely appologize!

    • Gary J

      These aren’t children!! This is a reality program!! Kids have nothin to do with this!! Just let him go and sing OTHER peoples songs and he will be fine!! The BIG cry baby!

      • Laurie Ackerman

        Dear Gary J,
        I was trying to illustrate that all people whether children or adults have a right to not have their self esteem character assassinated..
        Please read the constructive comments of both Shirley and Liz.

      • Jonathan

        Sounds like another jealous bully out there. You are probably the guy that skinned cats and put them in classmates lockers just for the “reality” of it huh?

    • Ruben

      Get a life.This is not grade school. Anyone appearing on this show knows that they are open to all kinds of criticism,some good and some bad.

  • Shirley

    Michael Bolton is a noted performer more famous than any so-called “stars” performing with Dancing With the Stars. He did not deserve such criticism, a simple “you did not do a good job” will suffice. I am not a Bolton fan but I disagree with Bruno. There is a subtle way of booting out a performer.

  • Richard

    Michael is right…Bruno took it toooo far. This show is supposed to be fun and lighthearted. Bruno has no class…go back to the trailer park dude…we’re all full up over here. I’m already over this show. At least MB was a REAL celebrity. Ciao!

    • LIZ

      Bruno was out of line. ciao and arrivederchi

  • JVB

    Yes, Michael danced like Frankenstein all stiff like but he worked hard and no one should be made fun of that way. Bruno could have done his tongue lashing in a more respectful and professional way.

    • Ruben


  • Kim

    I think Bruno was out of line.This show is about taking stars that don,t have dancing experiance and teaching them how to dance.This was also a reflection on Michael,s partner,who is a professional,and I think this has gotten way to serious.It,s just a show people.The fun has gone out DWTS for me.

  • Fred

    In a previous season, Bruno told another male contestant that his dancing was “crap”. That contestant said that Bruno was not a gentleman.
    Any person that enters any contest should be prepared for the possibility of unkind criticism.

  • Ruben

    Michael don’t go away mad…just go! What kind of cheese goes with his whine?

  • Lee Hand

    The judges give theiir opinions – he shouldn’t have to apologize for his opinion – even though it was very harsh. I have always liked Michael Bolton & still do but he knew the dances he did would be judged & how these judges are – some times they are not so nice. It wasn’t a good dance and Michael should realize that. It would be nice to have an apology but – get real – you know it’s not going to happen – Bruno’s opinion, Michael’sloss. Get on with your life.

  • Barbara

    yes he is, he can not dance, Bruno was being nice

  • Don

    He was bad and besides, he still gets his $200,000 after only 2 shows. Ya, he’s crying all the way to the bank.


    i think that michael needs to drop this issue. he is not the only one that bruno has done this to. maybe bruno went a little far like lan said. but this is the judges job.

  • LIZ

    I agree with Michael–Unlike American Idol where contestants
    claim to be singers & set themselves up for scrutiny DWTS
    is for Stars that can’t dance & thru the process learn–if we wanted to watch pros dance we wouldnt be tuning in to DWTS
    I think comments like that will discourage other stars…..

  • Gloria

    Michael – put on your big boy pants and get over it!

  • Norma Weinstein

    So what if his mother was there…he wasn’t good. Look at how many people hated it when Siimon really put them down.

  • Harvey Apparis

    Judges are paid to judge ! If your a bad dancer you deserve to get a bad grade from the judges. Bruno was correct. It does not matter that his Mom was there. All the stars have had a Mom, Dad, wife etc there. Michael get over it. You CAN”T dance. Master P was better than you and he was really bad !!!

  • Lyn

    Hey, everyone who watches DWTS knows how harsh the judges can be. I don’t think Bruno needs to apologize. Michael Bolton needs to get over it. It’s just too bad his mother was there to witness it, but like I said, you know you’re going on this reality show and what the possible outcome can be.

  • sharon

    Michael Bolton was horrible! Why can’t he take it like a man?
    Bruno was being kind

    • Jonathan

      You are obviously one of Bruno’s sadistic fans. Michael was not horrible. Bruno is obviously jealous of Michael’s celebrity. Bruno wants to be Simon Cowell but he’s just not cutting it.

  • Emma

    Len Goodman will handle Bruno – BIG TIME! Not only for this.
    Bruno tries to be like Cowell – NO WAY
    Michael Bolton should have gotten help from Ms. Cho or others for a “smart retort” she did about her tight butt.
    Like = a dog growl w/ facial expression:
    “And even Rin Tin TIn could sing better than you”
    There are dozens of remarks that would have been much, much better. Even Bolton’s mom could have/should have given him some strong retorts???

  • Suzye M.

    As a dancer who has been in many competitions and won a Team Trophy in the Dallas Dance for third place, let me say that judges and also dance teachers that are credible give both positive and negative feedback.

    Otherwise, a dancer may walk off the dance floor and give up something they love. Everyone has something good about their performance, just as Lynn said on the show. Give them their negatives. To avoid any positive comment at all cuts the legs off of someone who could onto become a phenomenal dancer.

    I danced with many guys much worse than what Michael Bolton did and they stayed with it and went on to become absolutely “terrific” dancers.

  • maria

    I take care of pediatrics under the age of 6, with serious medical issues, who have had less temper tantrums that michael, get over your self, It was a bad dance admit it. bruno was well within his professional knowledge.

  • Mikey

    Bolton has a right to be mad about Bruno’s comments, but as others have pointed out, this is a competition and if you can’t hack it, get your stuff packed and leave. Bolton’s a terrible dancer. I’ve always likened Bruno and Len Goodman to what Simon Cowell would be like if there was two of him. However, Bolton’s being a baby and whining about something so trivial. Who cares if his mother was there – he sucked and deserved to go home. Oh, well!

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