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Sarah Palin Guest Appears on ‘Dancing With The Stars’

As the subject of the Dancing With The Stars‘ “boo-gate” incident on Tuesday’s results show, former Alaskan Governor and VP candidate, Sarah Palin, sat in with host Tom Bergeron as a guest commentator and to cheer on her daughter Bristol. Though the show’s producers claim the booing that unexpectedly erupted during Jennifer Grey‘s scoring was because the audience felt she deserved a higher score, NOT because Palin was brought on stage.

Even if they claim she wasn’t the cause of the collective booing, we’re pretty sure this released photo of Sarah Palin on DWTS will prompt a heavy dose of boos…

Do you think this saucy photo of Sarah Palin in dancing gear is real or doctored? Sound off below!


  • Georgia

    It is soooo fake.

  • Norma Weinstein


  • Gary Bryan

    Works for me!

  • Paula

    it is fake

  • Harvey Apparis

    The picture is doctored and so is she. Anyone who hunts animals from the air is sick. I wouldn’t vote for her for anything.

  • rita padilla

    i honestly think it’s very docter!!!

  • gary law

    no! sarah is much more prettier than that. the hair does not look right. if this is sarah, it would have to be a young sarah. so , my answer is no. it is not her.

  • gary law

    hell no!!! she is much prettier than that!!!!!!!!!! this is fake…

  • Toni

    Definitely DOCTORED…….

  • Martin White

    It looks real to me. Despite her politics, depending on how you lean, you must admit she is a hottie!

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