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VIDEO POLL: Is This Katy Perry/Elmo Duet Too Hot For Sesame Street?

In a video that was to air on a special New Year’s Eve edition of Sesame Street, [lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm] and Elmo sing a duet to her hit “Hot N Cold.” After the segment was put on YouTube it generated over 1,000,000 views! Soon after, comments from angry parents started to roll in!

Now PBS has decided to pull the segment due to all the complaints!!

So we ask…. Is PBS right in doing this???  Watch the video and decide for yourself!

Here’s the video:

  • eileen ashley

    children are exposed to worse than this through tv ads and
    a trip to the mall with mom!

  • Craig

    It may or may not be too much for Sesame Street. However, if the parents don’t like it, they won’t let their kids watch the show, and it will soon go off the air. In that sense, in my opinion, PBS was right to pull it off the air

  • Fred

    We have seen more skin from Wilma Flintstone.

  • John Houghtaling

    Compared with what you see on the news (Lady gaga for example) this is tame.

  • Donald Mahany

    I liked it, it was funny and not too sexy at all.

  • Gayel

    The age group this program targets wouldn’t understand all the hoopla, the sexual connotations are in the minds of the parents. Toddlers see this type of attire every day, especially in the summer, they will only think something is wrong if we make a fuss, however, they see violence on T.V. all the time, in cartoons, commercials, etc. Are they to grow up thinking women don’t have moving parts? Oh, the trauma!!!!

  • Pauline

    Yes the dress top is not proper, even the reflection in the mirror shows breasts which is not proper for kids that age. And when she is running her breasts show bouncing which is not proper for that age.

  • Arnaz

    I’ve seen the video,& I don’t have a problem with it. Only ones who have a problem with it are the same ones who were looking at her chest area. Kids don’t care about that. All they see is Elmo playing TAG with Katy, & having FUN.

  • Toni

    As a mother of 4, and grandmother of 10, I feel children learn from what they watch on tv. I think it’s totally inappropiate for the wee small children. Too much of that on tv. And they wonder why this generation is so out of control. Keep things simple and clean.
    thank you

  • Gary Bryan

    Just remember: Sesame Street did a series of specials on breast-feeding back in the early 90s, so they’ve spotlighted breasts before!

  • donna

    the video is cute….you can’t keep your kid in a bubble!
    what is the issue? her dress? not much different than
    someone wearing the top of a a swimsuit…..

  • mediaman

    Once again, your tax dollars at work.

  • connie

    Children don’t even think and see it the way adults do. When we make a big deal about it, that’s when they wonder

  • nola

    The skit is adorable and creative … WRONG costume!!! Wardrobe mistress/stylist totally picked the wrong neckline…four inches higher would have been fine.

  • Kingster

    Good for PBS, good for those who stood up about this video. Just a good example to show that if a small group of people can make a difference to keep such shows sensual free, imagine if the world would come together to stop other social issues in society. Kids would not be having kids, kids would not be killing other kids or their own parents. Kids would not be doing drugs or getting drunk in sixth grade. People, let’s understand that we are responsible for all these actions. We as a whole did not stand up and put a stop to all these violence, obscenity media around our kids.

  • Lorelei McBroom

    Come on America! I agree with many people here who say it’s the adult viewers who have the problem!!!! The video is innocent fun and America needs to lighten up. Children only get “sexy ideas” when people put them in their minds. Breast feeding is natural. What’s the problem with that? Get over it. The body is beautiful until you make it something lascivious, and that’s where perversion comes from: suppression of natural sexuality.

    • Linda Vigil

      I am with you Lorelei! :) Katy was 100% wonderful and attire was appropriate! This was adorable and really had great messages for kids…. PBS should REINSTATE! :)

  • Ric

    I am glad they pulled it but they should never have started the filming in the first place. They should have asked for a change in wardrobe prior to starting. Yes, children are exposed to worse but no need to add to it.

  • Harvey Apparis

    I think the final answer should come from Cher.( LOL)
    Really,after 2 kids and 7 grandkids, no nothing is wrong with that outfit. Not over sexy at all. I would ket the grandkids see it.

    • Gary Bryan

      I wish I had a grandpa like you!

  • Michelle

    ROFLMAO.. my 3 y/o son loves katy.. his fav. song is hot ‘n’ cold. it has a beat the kids like. i watched it once, and let my son watch it, all i heard was “elmo, elmo, elmo…” he loves it… and skin? ur worried about skin and ur letting ur kids play with barbie, or “action figures” that can b completely undress? r u kidding me.

  • Tammie

    I think it’s an adorable skit. Katy is a goof ball and who better to pair her with than Elmo? The only ones making drama over this are adults. The kids love it, Elmo playing tag with Katy, great!! Let’s worry about important stuff…. it’s not like anything was showing other than the upper part of her boobs, you see more at the beach or walking down the street. Relax people!

  • Mel

    What they have now, I wish I had then when I was growing up. They should have watched the Spanish station where they had “Xuxa”. Now thats one program I really love watching.

  • Kingster

    People, people the bottom line is this
    1. allow your children to watch any shows not suitable for kids and they may grow up with a very open and vivid imagination. Kids are smart and only because they don’t give an opinion or show any emotions about the adult content they watch, does not mean they are not building bad behaviors.

    2. Give kids all they want this way they will grow up thinking that they have the right to have anything they want.

    3. laugh when your children say bad words this way they will grow up thinking that this type of vocabulary entertains and will do the impossible to enrich his bad vocabulary.

    4. Do not discipline your children for bad behavior and they will grow up with the idea that there are no rules or laws in society.

    5. clean up or pick up after your children and your children will grow up thinking that others must take care of their responsibilities.

    6. give your children all the money they ask this way they will grow up thinking that money is easy to obtain and they won’t hesitate to steal to obtain it.

    The bottom line here is that by allowing our children to behave in a deplorable way, we may very well be raising a new serial killer, sexual predator, bank robber, drug dealer.

    Thank you for reading

    • sonia

      I thought the skit was cute and fun, so the only issue is Katy.
      What did they think she was gonna wear?
      she is wearing what she always wears….. the programers should have thought of the PERSON they put on before they put her on the skit.
      My question is Isn’t Seseme Street suppose to be for children? Then why are there always ‘celebrities’ on the show?
      It can’t be for the children since THEY DON’T CARE. hmmmmmmmm

  • Khristina

    I can understand why most of you are mad, the Dress was ugly, but…… are you people kidding me. Kids are seeing breast all over, if its not walking in on there mother, or at the beach, or even during summer.Alot of cartoons nowadays show the girls in tight low cut tops, and or short mini skirts. Its just something for most of you to complain about. I’m a mother of 3 kids, and 3 stepkids. If I dont want them to watch something, cause I think it may be to graphic for them I can change it. So to all the people who have an issue with it, I’m assuming your not buying your kids, barbies, or any other type of dress up doll.

  • Debbie

    ok if they are women….they must be prudes and if they are men that voted no….well they certainly were not watching the “video” which I am not suprised at…come on this isn’t even an issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laurie Ackerman

    I was so impressed by the appearance of Katy Perry on Girl Hope last night on Americas Extreme Home Makeover. She didn’t kiss a girl. She was all about building their future!
    Sesame Street are the ones who” boobed up”, not Katy Perry. She is a true California girl at heart!

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