MUST SEE VIDEO: Angry Dad Goes On School Bus To Yell At Bullies!

You MUST see this video!!!  A Florida dad stormed onto a school bus and threatened children that his 13 year old disabled daughter pointed out as being a bully to her!

She has cerebral palsy!!!

Check out the video and tell us what you think!!

Here’s the video!!


A central Florida father who stormed a school bus earlier this month and threatened a group of kids who were bullying his disabled daughter has apologized to some of the other children who were on the bus.

James Willie Jones of Sanford said some of kids on the bus “had nothing to do with this.” In his statement Tuesday, he said he was the one acting like a bully when he went onto the bus and no parent should copy his behavior. He explained that his 13-year-old daughter suffers from cerebral palsy and he “could not stand by and helplessly watch her suffer.”

Jones admitted he used inappropriate language and regrets the way he handled the situation.

Jones was charged with disorderly conduct and disturbing a school function for the Sept. 3 incident. He posted $2,000 bail and was ordered to stay away from the driver and county school buses. (End Of The Story)

Check out his support page on FACEBOOK!

Was he right to do this??? Voice you opinion!!!

Comment below!!!

  • John

    You can’t threaten to hurt or kill anybody. I sympathize, as when my boys were young they were messed with on the bus. Crude comments about their mother that these kids had learned from older brothers (2nd grade at the time). I complained to the school district bus people and nothing ever changed. But today with the emphasis on not tolerating Bullying, maybe it would be different.

  • Mike Cook

    He should have notified the school, and given them the opportunity to properly handle the problem. If that did not work, then he should have elevated it to the school board, PTA and police. He had not run out of appropriate options to correct the situation.

  • Sandy

    My question is this: what was done to discipline the children on the bus who made these comments. We’re been talking about this Dad who was defending his daughter. What about those kids on that bus? Why aren’t they accountable for their actions? They should have been suspended from bus transportation to school for a few days so their parents would have to get them there. Maybe if their parents were made accountable too we wouldn’t have all this bullying. We have given all the control to the kids and taken it away from the adults.

    • BJC

      Sandy: What I have read is the kids on the bus continued to bully the girl even after the incident. Finally her parents moved her to another school. As far as I know, nothing happened to the bullies. I also read that the girl (her cerebral palsy is not obvious) was bullied because she was protecting someone else from being tormented by the same kids. Then they turned on her. So the message seems to be you can bully others as much as you want without accountability, but if you try to defend yourself or others, you will be in a lot of trouble. Incredible.

      • Mary

        When I was small kids attacked my sister on the way home from school. My mother took them aside and told them that she had a scary husband who would hurt them if they did it again. My sister never was bullied again. We lived in Ireland.

  • John B

    I don’t blame him if this would have been a last ditch effort and he confronted the bullies only, not everykid on the bus was guilty and they should have not been subjected to his rage.

  • Oscar

    as a parent of a disable child of 29 and two normal ones 19, & 15 all girls. it hurts when people do things to your children especaily the ones that can defend them self. i’ve been blessed that nothing like that has happen to our daugther, but will probably do the same so I support mr. Jones

  • Gary Bryan

    He lost it, but it’s hard to blame him!

  • John B

    Any parent will go to extreams to protect their child so I support Mr. jones in one way but I also support the parents of the other innocent children who are not too happy with Mr. Jones actions because he subjected these children to his rage.

  • Larry - Virgin Islands

    Throw the bus driver under the bus. Give him a paper route with llittle or no responsibilites.

  • Anne

    While the father was not right in taking on the kids, he should have gone to the school, I can understand his frustration. However, he was not the only adult on this bus; where was the bus driver? Why didn’t he report this activity? He should also be disciplined…as should the kids on the bus. They ALL had a responsibility to tell their parents or a teacher about what was happening. Shame on them all!

  • Teri

    I’m sure telling the school would not have gotten him anywhere. Their answer would most likely have been-just ignore the situation. I understand the father’s concern for wanting to just have these kids leave her alone. Maybe the father should have gone to the parents instead…it tells me that the parents certainly haven’t instilled much in the way of teaching their children tolerance. They are so damned cruel at that age anything slightly different. We wonder why some of our children have resorted to such heinous crimes as shooting up the school they attend etc. Begins at home. Tolerance needs to be taught.

  • Michelle Stevens

    while his behavior was inexcusable, I do not think that he should have been arrested. Any parent would want to protect their kid…what I am concerned about is WHY nobody said anything while the behavior and actions of the bullies were allowed to continue torturing the poor girl.

  • Mike

    Why did the bus driver not stop the bullying in the first place? How often was this happening? Does the school have a policy in place to keep bullying kids off the bus? I agree with Sandy. Why were the bullying kids not held accountable for their actions? We are holding the adult accountable, but when do we teach the kids to be? Do we wait until they are adults? His language and threats may have been inappropriate, but it is hard to fault his desire to protect his child.

  • kim

    The kids involved should have to work this summer at a camp for cerebal palsy or challenged kids volunteering..Those kids should also be banned from the bus for the remander of the school year. The parents of those kids need to spend a weekend in a parenting class. (I am assuming the father complained at the school before and entering the bus was his last resort. )

  • Olga

    This is a tough one. I, as a parent and grandparent, would have probably done the same as the dad. I know we as adults should be more rational, sensible, think before we ac,t but when our chidlen are being threaten by anyone everything goes out the window. What about the bus driver? He should have nipped it in the bud. If these students were bullying, I’m sure it wasn’t the first time and I’m sure they bully other kids at school. What about school personal? What have they done to prevent bullying in their school? How is the bus driver going to accoutable for what happened on his bus? What about the parents of the students involved? Are they taking responsibility?

  • Matteo

    Sadly, this country (or the world, for all that matters) are losing control on what’s right and what’s wrong. People jump immediately to threat a lawsuit even before knowing what really happened, and the institutions are afraid of doing anything because “lawsuit” scares more than “one individual.” This father had all the rights in the world to do so, and parents ingeneral should stop leaving their children in front of the TV, or with their cell phones and stuff, and start talking to them and telling them what’s right and what’s wrong.

  • Nelly Tufaga-Ala

    Exactly what good is complaining to the school gonna do daughter 7 yrs old was playing during her lunch recess..after they have lunch they line up their lunch boxes in front of their classroom…as she was jump roping she noticed two boys took her lunch box and ripped it open took our her little tupperware that she had her grapes and when she yelled out HEY ..they just threw the lunch box in the dirt and ran off….when her dad learned of this he was READY to go down to the school and I dont know what he was gonna do dont mess with Daddy’s little girls..I called the school and reported the incident and just got a call back from the office attendant who was acting in behalf of the prinicipal apologizing for what happened..blah blah blah..BULLYING is not tolerated in this FAMILY…

  • Derek

    I don’t blame him one little bit. These school kids today are ROTTEN to the core. The parents these days are barely able to care for themselves, go out in public and look at parents of teens today, most are sloppy, ill-mannered morons themselves, how are they going to teach a kid any manners.

    Good for this guy, he deserves a medal. That idiot bus driver looks like a deer caught in the headlights he should go get a brain dead job at Rite Aid as a cashier.

    • Gary Bryan

      I think I’m with YOU!

  • Jeff

    I wonder what the reaction of the parents of the offending students would have been if they had been called into the pricipal’s office and shown a video of their children’s actions.

    • Gary Bryan

      The other parents probably would have sued the school for defaming their kids!

  • Beverly

    I am sorry my buttons do not say “yes” or “no” so I am posting my vote here – I think that he was in the right, I think that the bus driver should be held responsible for all the actions; the way the kids were acting and that this led to the fathers actions.

  • Jeanette Hopp

    Granted, it was abrupt, but the bus driver is obligated to report bullying activity to the school district and even to sanction riders. The father should have contacted the district, but his daughter is disabled and should never be placed in harms way by anyone, contemporaries or anyone else. The driver was negligent and the school should have known what was happening and prevented the child from being harrassed. The father would have been negligent if he had done nothing.

  • Gloria

    Yes, sometimes you have to take it upon yourself to say something, even after you’ve told school staff. I have a daughter who used to have a seizure disorder and was constantly made fun of whenever she’d have a seizure in class or recess time. And, to this day she’s 25yrs old she still remembers the name and words of one particular boy who used to make of fun of her. So, I can definitely relate to this parent, unless you don’t have a child with a handicap, you can’ never relate!

  • Ana

    I believe the bus driver was not @ fault. I have woked as a School bus driver assistant & no matter what we do it is up to the parents to discipline their kids. I do not agree this dad was in the right, he became a bully himself. I truly understand his frustration, however, this was not the way to handle it. The bullying will stop when parents of the bullies put an end to it. Our society’s problem is that too many parents are trying to be theitr childs friend instead of their parent. Parents need to step up to the role of parenting. When the parents make it know to their bullies that it will not be allowed neither at home or at the school or in the bus, that’s when all of this will end.

  • Brian

    If you were bullied as a child,you might react this way when it is your child.If you bullied as a child and this man comes to get you ,it is just desserts.The boogie man can be real..The parents of those he singled out should get some help too,from the big DAD

  • judy

    There are anti bullying programs at many schools across the nation, and there are many programs to teach students to report these incidents to the school. There are also trainings for school bus operators. There are so many things that should have been handled differently before this all blew up. It is so sad that it had to come to this

  • Mel

    The bus driver probably lost his good paying job and ended up being a bus driver for some kids and he probably don’t give a s***t about them anyways. But yes, the father has done the right thing and bear down on bullies. Just like Drill Sargeants in the Marines who bully you down and make you a Marine out of maggot civilian.

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