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Poll: Chew on This – The Miracle Tongue Patch Weight Loss Surgery

The eternal search for fast and effective weight loss solution has been an ongoing process over the years, but with a revolutionary new surgery becoming available in Southern California from surgeon Dr. Chugay, the search may come to an end.  But would you go to this extreme length of surgically applying a patch on your tongue that makes it difficult to eat just to lose weight?

Dr. Chugay has come up with an extreme way to rapidly lose weight with a reversible surgery that applies a customized patch to your tongue that not only makes it difficult to chew solid foods, but very painful and limits the patient to a strict liquid diet. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather carry a few extra pounds than not being able to indulge in my favorite foods and live with a scratchy cat-tongue.

But the results don’t lie; 10 patients that had the surgery have seen rapid results with some losing as much as 20 pounds in a month, but is this extreme weight loss solution really worth the pain and trouble? Is this something you’d consider undergoing? Vote now!

[Source: Dr. Chugay]


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