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John Lennon’s Murderer Finally Reveals Motives for Killing

It’s been almost 30 years since the beautiful [lastfm]Beatles[/lastfm] member, [lastfm]John Lennon[/lastfm] was shot in cold blood by murderer, Mark Chapman. No one could definitively say why Chapman murdered Lennon; not that the motives behind anything so vicious and unreasonable could ever matter. But now Chapman is telling the world why he decided to kill Lennon in an interview with the BBC.

Housed at the Attica Correctional Facility in New York, Chapman was recently denied parole for the sixth time last week, but before he was denied the parole board asked him the reasoning behind his murderous tendencies. Chapman said:

I wasn’t thinking clearly. I made a horrible decision to end another human being’s life, for reasons of selfishness. I felt that by killing John Lennon I would become somebody and instead of that I became a murderer and murderers are not somebodies.

The jailhouse porter and law library clerk explained that he had intended on targeting US talk show host Johnny Carson and screen star Elizabeth Taylor.

While all of this still sounds horrible, Chapman believe that he deserves to be let free has the compassion of one of the judges and as he has found Jesus. Speaking of his new religious devotion, Chapman says:

I know him, he is with me, he is with me now, he is helping me speak to you now. Without him I am nothing, I would have been an even bigger nobody.

  • What do you think? Does Chapman sound like he has atoned for the murder of John Lennon? Should he be let out on parole? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Spinner]

  • Ray

    Do I believe Chapman is atoned for the murder of John Lennon? Yes, I do. Do I believe he should be paroled? No … but then, I am a bit biased. I Loved Lennon’s music, and I cried when I heard of his murder. On another note, if Chapman were released we would justify all murderer’s eventual parole. It is written an eye for an eye, a tooth for tooth. While I am an extreme advocate on forgiveness, I also believe we are responsible for our actions good, or otherwise. There is a natural law of Cause and Effect that cannot nor should not be altered (even if we could do it). Ultimately, it may be for his own good to remain where is. May GOD forgive him, and may he know peace.

    • robyne richardson

      read my comment except for that he feels atoned I agree with you May God Bless you and your heart

  • Bob

    no way,never he shouldnt even be breathing

    • robyne richardson

      I agree why parole even an issue

  • P'Nut

    He should stay in jail. No one has the right to take another life.

  • robyne richardson

    He is not atoned he wants parole to get rich and hit the TV and media and online circuits he said he wanted to be somebody not only to just viciously take a life but of someone who was totally about peace songs “Give Peace a Chance” “Imagine””All you Need Is Love ” etc…who is to say he wouldn’t do it again stayin jail !!!

    • Mike Slane

      Not a chance…..Burn in Hell !!

  • oldies76

    This monster should never be let out..he can be denied parole 27 times…..that what he gets and deserves. The Beatles were horrified when he was murdered and so was the public!!

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