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Barry White To Return To Silver Screen…As A Ghost?

When we see a movie called “The [lastfm]Barry White[/lastfm] Story” in development, we get excited. Is it a bio-pic of one of our favorite soul singers of all time? Does it chronicle his rise in the music industry?

Filmmaker Joel Schumacher has different ideas.

Schumacher, best known for making a couple pretty unwatchable Batman films in the mid-90s including Batman & Robin, is attached to a film pitch where the ghost of [lastfm]Barry White[/lastfm] will offer love advice to a teenager who wants to get the girl.

That’s right – the man who gave the world “I’m Going To Love You Just A Little Bit More Baby” and “Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Babe” is going to be reduced to helping teenagers have sex.

Though his music HAS been doing that for decades now. Hmmm….

No word yet who would be playing the ghost of Mr. White, who himself passed away in 2003. He would have turned 66 years old earlier this month.

What do you think? Does this seem like an appropriate use of the man’s legacy? Or is the big man looking down from above and shaking his head?


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