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It’s Finally Football Season

I love the game of football! And the first weekend of the regular season is so exciting for all of us football fans. This past weekend, we watched as numerous teams who made the playoffs last season – Colts, Chargers, Bengals, Vikings, Falcons and Cowboys lost their opening game. And the Texans, Chiefs, and Redskins WON! Now, if you don’t follow football, that’s no big deal to you, but for those of us who live it, dream it, love it, well, that’s big news!

There were no real runaway victories this past weekend. In fact, two teams scored 15 points. Do you know what a weird total that is in football?

Two touchdowns, both extra points missed, and a field goal. Two touchdowns, one extra point missed and a safety. Five field goals. Three field goals and one touchdown with a missed extra point. You get my drift. More than likely teams are still getting new players up to speed.

Or, the old guard is falling and new teams will be headed to the playoffs this year. We’ll just have to wait and see. That’s why the game is played. But the coolest thing that happened this past weekend is that Brett Favre set another NFL record. True, he started his 286th consecutive game. Amazing record. If he starts every game this season he’ll go over 300 consecutive starts. Dang.

But, that’s not the coolest record he set. This past weekend when Brett Favre took his first snap as a hall-of-fame bound quarterback, he became the first grandpa to play the game. Cool!

Brett turns 41 on October 10th. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be hit by 300 pound linesman, especially at his age, which is old by football standards. But I do know this. Brett is an inspiration. To all of us. To get up and get moving.

Take a walk, go for a swim, ride your bike, take a hike, run, skate, just get out there and play for the love of playing. And if you hear yourself say, ‘I can’t,’ suck it up and think of Brett.

Look what that ‘old guy’ is doing!



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