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FUN POLL: Who Is The Greatest TV Cop Of All-Time!


In honor the new Hawaii Five-O TV series coming out on CBS, we ask….

“Who Is The Greatest TV Cop Of All-Time”??

See the winner!!

Thanks for all your votes… Now check out the winner!!

The winner is Det. Olivia Benson from Law and Order SVU!

olivia benson FUN POLL: Who Is The Greatest TV Cop Of All Time!

  • J Kent

    Matt Dillon was the best cop!

  • Gary Bryan

    This is a tough category, but we gotta go with Peter Falk as Columbo! Although.. McGarrett was pretty cool on Hawaii 5-0!

  • Laurie Ackerman

    Hi Gary, I vote for Tom (Magnum) Selleck!
    Have a great K-Earth day!

  • Sandi

    Telly Savalas

  • Matteo

    Columbo – hands down.

    • Virginia Heredia

      My choice is Columbo – He was great!

  • Michelle Leslie

    this will date me . . . the guy from Dragnet.

  • Shirley

    Columbo, he’s got style!

  • Bill Greene

    Sargent Friday from Dragnet!!!

  • Michelle Leslie

    this will date me — the guy from Dragnet

  • ddj


  • Robie Wittman

    Tough one – Jack Lord as Steve McGarrett had to be #1 and Jack Webb #2 as Sgt. Joe Friday!

  • Greg Hahs

    Barney Fife!

    Quote-“Fortunately, none of mine goes to fat. All goes to muscle.”

  • Lorrie Milton

    Just the facts – Sgt Joe Friday – Badge # 714


    Jack Parr-Dragnet tv series

  • C Latta

    Joe Mannix….show title was just “Mannix”



  • glenn tracchia

    Columbo!! “oh im sorry one more thing i have to ask, you understand….”

  • Melinda Miller

    Mc Garrett, and Columbo hands down.

  • lupe e

    Kojac! Loved the way he sucked his lollypop! yummy! =)

  • Nadyne

    Andy Griffith

  • Bryan

    Mcloud, the laid back NY cowboy.

  • Debbie

    Joe Friday

  • Roger

    KOJACK and his lolliepop!!!

  • Joseph

    Inspector gadget

    • Anthony 1000

      Hell yea Inspector gadget was awesome

  • Laurie Ackerman

    Hi Gary, I vote for the smartest and hottest female cop ,
    Det. Olivia Bensen! Go Mariska Hargitay!

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