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Top Companies For Working Moms


Being a working mother is hard enough without being made harder by a company that is unsympathetic to a mom’s special needs. But there are some organizations, businesses and companies out there who take very seriously the wants and desires of women who have a young one at home. Based on a recent survey, here are the top ten companies for working mothers:

  1. Bank of America
  2. Deloitte
  3. Discovery Communications
  4. Ernst and Young
  5. General Mills
  6. IBM Corporation
  7. KPMG
  8. PricewaterhouseCoopers
  9. University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics
  10. WellStar Health Systems

Why these ten? The list is based on a 600-question survey that took into account perks like child care, flexibility and work-life programs. For instance, all ten of the companies listed above offer, depending on the position, telecommuting and flex time.

It also made sure that the services offered were actually offered, and not just lip service.

“Companies can have the CEO standing up there saying, ‘We are all about flexibility,’ but we know it’s all about the managers,” according to Jennifer Owens, the senior director of Working Mother. “So we ask about training managers to implement these programs.”

Does your workplace do what it can for working mothers? And moms out there, what would you like to see companies offer?

[Source: AOL]

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