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POLL: Did The McCourt Divorce Ruin The Dodgers Season?


The Dodgers are stinking up the joint as the season comes to an end.  They started off strong but as news of the nasty divorce developed their season began to crumble!

So we ask…..   Is the divorce trial ruining the season???

Take the poll now!!

  • Toni

    Most definitely!!!!!!!

  • Martin Z

    It didn’t ruin it for me……..It ranks right up there with Golf…can’t stand either one!

  • gary law

    that is so stupid. these guys are pro-ball players. and besides that. if the check clears the bank , who cares? i would only say that if these players are trying to hook up with the wife, well………..!

  • Janet

    Of course the divorce has effected the team! Divorce is always hard on the “children”….which in this case is the Dodgers! You think they would have at least waited for all this until the off-season! Sheesh!!!!

  • Darryl

    The uncertain financial situation due to the divorce made it that the Dodgers could not spend the money to get good players to compete.

  • Mikey

    I feel that the divorce should not impact the players or their season. It’s their job to play ball and not get caught up in the nastiness of the divorce. Stick to playing the game, guys and get your minds off the boss’s problems!

  • Isabel Ibarra

    Do you really think the Dodgers players really care about the divorce? The fact of the matter is the they just not at good as they have been the last two years.

  • Gary

    Of course the divorce is hurting the Dodgers. The McCourts are ruining the Dodgers for their own financial gain. The Judge or the MLB needs to step in and make them sell the team. If the Dodgers go BK, it will damage all of baseball!

  • Eleanor

    I don’t think that the divorce had much to do with the Dodger’s season. This season was no different from any other season. The Dodgers’ were just the Dodgers being the Dodgers.

  • Angry Dodger Fan

    Dodger owner(s) spent a ton of money this year, on their attorneys. Torre left because he was sick of all the bull that was going on.

  • Angry Dodger Fan

    It’s not about the current players. Its about the fact that since the split the Dodgers have watched people like Randy Wolf go even though he wanted to stay. It has to do with the fact the dodgers pay roll is lower than it has been the last few years. The fact that the season opener was a guy who was cut from his former team 6 months before.

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