Fastest Net Service In America In … Chattanooga?

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It seems like only yesterday that a scratchy modem sound was all that stood between you and the Internet in its 14.4K glory. Now, the city of Chattanooga will, by the end of 2010, offer Internet service at a blazing one gigabit per second!

The service will be provided by the city-owned utility EPB and it should be available by the end of December. The speed will be the fastest in the United States, and only will be matched by a small handful of locales around the world.

To put this in perspective, the average cable broadband speed in America is 5 MB per second. One gigabit is 200 times faster than that. One gigabit is also almost 70,000 times faster than those 14.4kbit modems of the past!

The extra speed will come at a hefty price, though; the service is expected to cost $350 per month. The city expects that most of its customers will be businesses that need the extra speed for online work.

How much more would you be willing to pay per month to surf the Internet 200 times faster than you currently do?

[Source: New York Times]

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