Movies That Make Manly Men Cry

The K-EARTH 101 Morning Show put together the list of tear-jerker flicks that make even the manliest men break down and sob like a baby.  Bust out the tissues, because even the just titles of these movies can trigger the waterworks!

Thanks to the K-EARTH 101 listeners for helping create this list of films that make men all teary-eyed and curl up in the fetal position. Here’s the list the K-EARTH Morning Show came up with…sniff, I’m not crying, I just have something in my eye…

Movies That Make Men Cry:

— Brian’s Song
— Rudy
— Chariots of Fire
— Fried Green Tomatoes
— The Notebook
— Toy Story 2
— Armageddon
— Pearl Harbor
— Molly and Me
— Ghost
— Pride Of The Yankees (The Lou Gehrig Story)
— He Got Game
— Saving Private Ryan
— Glory
— Mrs. Doubtfire

Do any of these movies make you reach for the tissues while watching? What other flicks make you choke up, add them in the comments!


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