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Los Angeles #2 On List of Most-Stressed Cities in US

Tired of being stuck in traffic? Sick of pounding the virtual pavement for a new job? Stressed out about your…everything? Unfortunately, you are not alone. According to a study, Los Angeles is the second most stressed out city in the United States. Even with our sunshine and yoga lifestyles. Who else tops the list?

How does someone go about measuring stress levels of an entire city? Ten factors were measured including unemployment, income growth, poverty, sunshine, murders and commuting.

What are the top five most-stressed cities studied?

1. Detroit: 9.023; 14.3 percent unemployment
2. Los Angeles: 5.899; 11.6 percent unemployment
3. Cleveland: 5.146; 9.3 percent unemployment
4. Riverside, Calif.: 5.105; 14.4 percent unemployment
5. St. Louis: 4.737; 9.9 percent unemployment

And the five least-stressed cities studied:

46. Austin, Texas: -5.183; 7.4 percent unemployment
47. Raleigh, N.C.: -5.249; 8.4 percent unemployment
48. Minneapolis-St. Paul: -6.875; 6.7 percent unemployment
49. Virginia Beach-Norfolk, Va.: -7.859; 7.6 percent unemployment
50. Salt Lake City: -7.949; 7.1 percent unemployment

So what can you do to decrease your stress-level, Angeleno? Check out our list of 10 ways to eliminate anxiety and stress.

You may not be able to change the economy or your commute, but you can make a proactive difference in your personal life to not let day-to-day and community stress affect you as much.

Don’t be a number in a study! Be the exception to the rule!

[Source: AOL News]


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