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Twelve Perfect Burger Recipes for Labor Day

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Not sure what you want to slap on the grill for Labor Day weekend? We’ve got a list of tasty treats that are sure to satisfy any hungry man, woman, or child.

1. Grilled Burgers with Meyer Lemon Butter – A pat of the slightly tangy butter is tucked into the center of each beef patty. As the burger cooks, the butter melts, giving the meat an extra-tender texture and a hit of citrusy flavor.

2. Greek Lamb Burgers with Spinach and Red Onion Salad – An easy recipe featuring fresh mint, feta cheese and various dried spices.

3. Triple-Beef Cheeseburgers with Spiced Ketchup and Red Vinegar Pickles – This delicious burger features beef brisket, boneless short ribs and hanger steak.

4. Grilled Turkey Burgers with Cheddar and Smoky Aioli – A simple Moroccan-spiced aioli is mixed in with the ground turkey to keep the burgers moist and give them tons of flavor.

5. Portobello Burgers with Pesto, Provolone, and Roasted Peppers – This quick vegetarian main course uses meaty portobello mushrooms instead of actual beef.

6. Coffee-Rubbed Cheeseburgers with Texas Barbecue Sauce – Freshly ground coffee adds a depth to the spice rub and brings out the flavor of the meat. Be sure to keep the rub recipe handy.

7. Asian Pork and Mushroom Burger Wraps – Asian ingredients—from soy sauce to sriracha—flavor the pork burgers. Wrapping it all up in Bibb lettuce leaves adds a fresh touch.

8. Chicken Parmesan Burgers – A delicious Italian meal on a bun.

9. Cheddar Burgers With Balsamic Onions And Chipotle Ketchup – The all-American cheeseburger gets a makeover, courtesy of grilled onions, a spicy-smoky ketchup, and an English muffin “bun.”

10. Open-Face Crab Burgers with Red Pepper Dressing – Some may say it’s not actually a burger, but it’s just as tasty.

11. Meatball Sliders – Three make a meal, but a bunch make fun party hors d’oeuvres.

12. Open-Face Lamb Burgers with Pistachio-Apricot Relish – For burgers with the best texture, blend the meat and seasoning gently, trying not to overwork it, and then shape the mixture into patties.

Do you have a favorite burger recipe? Share it below!

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