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Lindsay Lohan On The Cover Of Vanity Fair!

So Linsday Lohan has finally admitted she was irresponsible and now will do whatever it takes to get rid of her party girl image.  You can check her out on the cover of Vanity Fair and the entire interview inside.  Trauma, drama and more.

Listen to the Lindsay audio:


Grease is the word! And the word is…  Justin Bieber is going to reprise the role of Danny Zucko.  What?!?  And who does he want to play Sandy??  Miley Cyrus!  She doesn’t even need to audition…she’s the one he wants.  And get this, he wants Susan Boyle to be the principal of Rydell High!  Listen to the audio:


Paris Hilton may be blackballed from Las Vegas according to People Magazine.  This after being busted for possession of cocaine this past Friday.  The club owners are saying they people may assume she is using or on drugs.  Even in Vegas they have some standards.   Take a listen to the whole story:

  • michellefrommadison

    Good for her, she deserves that after she kicked the snot out of the Judge and the Court.

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