AUDIO: Exclusive Morning Show Interview From Amsterdam Terror Flight

Did you hear about that flight from Chicago to Amsterdam???  Here’s the quick story….  Then check out our interview!

(From Fox News) Two men from the Detroit area were arrested in Amsterdam on a flight arriving from Chicago, reportedly suspected of assessing the aviation system for a potential future terror attack.  The two men did not have prohibited items on them, a law enforcement official told Fox News, saying that although knives were found in their checked luggage, such checked items aren’t prohibited. Law enforcement officials also found several non-functioning cell phones taped together, a phone taped to a Pepto Bismol bottle and a knife and box cutter in checked luggage connected with the men.

Now check this out…  A friend of Lisa Stanley was on that flight!!!  He called us from Amsterdam to give us the inside scoop!!  Check it out!

  • Di Paul

    Just what you said Gary “How the Bloody Hell did they allow those guys and their luggage on that plane” I don’t care if they waste time strip searching everyone when I fly, as long as I know I’m safe.
    Great job guys. Gary I’m your Australian girl that sent you the Manuka honey, good health. Di Paul

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