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Sharon Osbourne Opts Out Of The Jersey Shore


Other than being [lastfm]Ozzy Osbourne[/lastfm]’s wife, the only reason we know Sharon Osbourne is because of a reality television show on MTV. But she’s not a fan of all of the network’s fare, it turns out.

The biggest star on MTV’s reality slate currently is “Jersey Shore,” but don’t count Mrs. Osbourne among its supporters.

“There’s a bunch of kids that love to party, let’s watch ’em,” is how she describes the show. “Why would anybody watch that as an adult? Why would an adult watch Jersey Shore?”

Lots of them do watch, though; last week’s episode brought in 5.5 million viewers, more than all but one television show on either broadcast or cable television (ABC’s “Wipeout” finished first on the week).

However, Sharon Osbourne, who owns the fame of both her and her kids to reality television, harbors no ill will for Snooki or The Situation.

“(But) it’s great for kids… and they get paid for it, so God bless them,” she added.

I don’t think the “Jersey Shore” cast has a future in film, though:

[Source: Contact Music]

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