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Joan Rivers Takes A Jab At Madonna’s ‘Over The Hill’ Age


The pioneering pop idol [lastfm]Madonna[/lastfm] has gracefully aged throughout her years in show business, reinventing her style and image time after time. Now having celebrated her 52 birthday on Monday, Madonna still looks elegant and younger than her age reveals, but close friend and comedienne Joan Rivers reminds her and her thousands of Twitter followers that age is catching up with her.

Throwing a big birthday bash at London’s lavish Shoreditch House to celebrate her 52nd birthday, [lastfm]Madonna[/lastfm] mingled with close friends and family including her daughter Lourdes and friend Joan Rivers. Never short on sharp quips, Rivers took to her Twitter to poke fun at her friend’s age:

joan rivers twitter e1282259057877 Joan Rivers Takes A Jab At Madonnas Over The Hill Age

Hmm seems like a case of pot calling the kettle black, wouldn’t you say? The 77-year-old comedienne is known for trying to defy the rules of aging with her multiple face-lifts and Botox treatments to look years younger. Rivers also joked about Madonna’s multicultural family tweeting:

joan rivers twitter2 e1282259473513 Joan Rivers Takes A Jab At Madonnas Over The Hill Age

Of course the attacks were all in good fun and the two are actually good friends, well unless Madonna follows her Twitter updates…

[Source: Music-News, Twitter]

  • Lorelei McBroom

    I know Joan was joking as she always does, but unfortunately in America, our society is very hard on women as we age. European, and Asian cultures (among others) respect the aging process and often feel reverence towards woman as they age, believing we gain wisdom as well as beauty. (Especially if you take good care of yourself.) I think the root of this issue is men relate to aging women as refections of their Mothers. The idea of being sexually attracted to someone who brings their Mothers to mind is a turn off, and Americans are EXTREMELY ageist.

    • Lorelei McBroom

      Joan is also “older than Grandma” as a good friend of mine says. With all her surgeries and botox treatments, she has no right to joke about anybody getting old. She needs to look at “the woman in the mirror”. At least I have heard her joke about herself aging.

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