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Brian Wilson Visits The Morning Show!

brian wilson in studio Brian Wilson Visits The Morning Show!

Today we were honored to have music legend and K-EARTH 101 artist Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys join us this morning. First we asked Brian about the new Snoop Dogg Katy Perry song,  “California Girls” which he said he had not heard, but after we played it for him he said he love it.

Brian also has a new album coming out today titled Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin, which the L.A. Times described as  “An undeniably fresh perspective on some of the most widely recorded music in history.”  In the new album Brian puts his own spin on some of the classic standards in American history, such as, “They can’t take that away from me” and “I’ve got a crush on you.”  Once again big thanks to a true musical icon for taking time out of his busy schedule to join us this morning. Check out the entire interview and watch the video.

  • Roddy MacLeod

    Wonderful sounds. Bri looks happy.

    • Gary B

      Brian looked and sounded great. What a legend! And the album is terrific!

  • James Ciminera

    WOW! I was excited before I heard this interview. Now I am on my way to iTunes to see if the album is available. Thank you Gary & Brian!

  • Lester Schunk

    Brian is a pure GENIUS……..radically touched by GOD!!!!!!!!!! His music is a soundtrack to my life……………………….Love you Brian!!!!!! Peace, love and mercy, Lester

  • Michael

    Glad I’m able to watch this. Brian sounds and looks great, and the new album seems spectacular.

    I miss you guys at K-Earth. We’re not allowed to listen to you here in Europe anymore for some reason, which is a real letdown. Me and my gf used to tune in every night and be just in time to catch Charlie Tuna.

    Glad to see you guys are going strong even if we can’t listen anymore.

  • Bengt Owetz

    >>>>>>>>>>>I just love it

  • tim

    i grew up listening to the beach 57 and i still can listen to any, and all of them, all day and nite. come to THE PNC in N.J. brian ,ill be there with my family. KEEP SURFING DUDE

  • Justin

    The new album is fabulous. This album proves yet again, that Brian Wilson at age 65 or however old now, is still a force. Brian’s music contributions are equal to those of Gershwin, and Mozart and Beethoven.

  • peter mcaleer

    thank you bri for yet another masterpiece

  • Danny Etter

    Thanks so much for playing “I Can Hear Music!” My favorite song of all time…wish you would play it every day!

    Thanks Brian and K-Earth 101.

  • stephen T

    OMG im soo excited. My pulse quickened when Brian mentioned he “might tour in Australia in Nov”. I live in Sydney and ive seen all of Brians tours in Sydney since 2002. Cant’ wait !!!!!

  • Gary B

    Thanks everyone for all the comments! We’ve had Brian on several times over the past few years, and it’s always a treat! On a personal note, it’s a privilege to be able to say “thank you” to the guy who wrote some of my favorite songs!

  • susan hayhurst

    What a great and inspired album by the legendary bryan Wilson!!

  • chuck & cathy young

    my wife & i would like brian wilson to do a show down here in the san diego area. my wife went to hawthorne high with brian wilson,he was the class president in 1970. my wife still has the yearbook from then & would love to have brian sign his picture in it.

    • stattad

      You must mean 1960?

  • Danny L Beers Sr.

    Brian sound’s just great. I’ll buy ticket’s to the concert. Come on Dinsey, just do it. We saw Brian in concert a couple of year’s ago. It was great.

  • sidney martin

    Great interview and music! As an east coast fan of K-EARTH 101, I visit your website frequently and listen frequently.When in L.A., you are the ONLY station I listen to. Would be great to have a 50th reunion of the Beach Boys. I have seen them several times, and always enjoy their concerts.

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