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Paul McCartney Turning Into A ‘Gleek’?

paul mccartney Paul McCartney Turning Into A Gleek?

The popular TV series Glee has won over the hearts of viewers with their theatrical renditions of popular hits including [lastfm]Madonna[/lastfm], [lastfm]Billy Joel [/lastfm] and even guest appearances from [lastfm]Olivia Newton John[/lastfm], Kristin Chenoweth and much more lending their voices to the glee club.

Now that the show has gained in popularity, stars and musicians are seeking the ‘gleeks’ out to get in on the musical action of “New Directions.” Even Sir [lastfm]Paul McCartney[/lastfm] is offering up his music to make a cameo in the show.

Glee co-creator and executive producer, Ryan Murphy, probably didn’t anticipate what a huge phenomenon the Fox series would become, scoring numerous Emmy nominations, taking the show on the road for Glee Live, and celebrities even sending in mail to Murphy like ecstatic fans in interest to appear on the show.

One package Murphy received out of the blue left the producer “gobsmacked” when he opened it to find two CDs and a note from none other than music great [lastfm]Paul McCartney[/lastfm].

“I got a mixtape from Paul McCartney a couple weeks ago,” Murphy said. “It was amazing. I thought I was being punked.” Along with the mixtape was a note from McCartney saying, “I hope you’ll consider some of these songs for ‘Glee.'”

Among the songs included on the CDs was “Michelle” and Murphy commented after receiving the unexpected package, “We are going to do something. I don’t think a whole episode, but we are going to do something.”

So be on the lookout in season 2 of Glee for the spunky “gleeks” taking on famous McCartney hits!

[Source: Marquee]

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