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You Know What You’re Life Needs More Of? Batman Pug!

funny dog costumes batman costume for dog video batman pug batman pug dressed as batman dog dressed as battman puppy dressed as batman You Know What Youre Life Needs More Of? Batman Pug!

We’ve all been there: a friend tries to show off the language skills of their child or pet, and we don’t want to be rude, so we nod in agreement, but really it just sounds like the teacher on Charlie Brown. *Wa wa, wa wa, wa wa*

Well, this time someone filmed their dog saying “Batman” and lo-and-behold, it actually doesn’t sound like jibberish! Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself in the funny video below!

Marilyn Monroe is in love!

funny dog costumes dog dressed as marilyn monroe funny animal photos marilyn monroe dog costume You Know What Youre Life Needs More Of? Batman Pug!

[Source: Dlisted]

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