BP Execs: No Oil Leaking Into The Gulf

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bp oil spill BP Execs: No Oil Leaking Into The Gulf

After the disastrous BP rig explosion, months of hundreds of gallons of crude oil seeping into our waters and failed cleanup attempts, a glimmer of hope was seen for the first time when BP Vice President Kent Wells announced as of Thursday, there is no more oil leaking into the gulf.

Read all about the fix that stopped the leak and watch the video of the underwater process. 

For the first time since the April explosion, busted well on BP’s deepwater oil rig has stopped gushing toxic containment in the Gulf.  During a test to measure the pressure in the well, it was announced that all the valves were shut on a new cap over the busted well, with no oil leaking out. 

Using a custom-made sealing cap to cut off the leak, the plug is being closely monitored at six-hour intervals to measure the pressure inside the well; the higher the pressure, the better the seal is holding. 

The cap is a temporary fix as workers drill two new relief wells to pump mud and cement into the leaking well to plug it off for good.  This is the first good sign after months of gallons of oil leaking into the ocean wreaking havoc on the surrounding areas and poisoning the wildlife and environment along the coast. 

Check out the video below of the capping process on the broken rig.

[Source: KNX 1070, CNN]

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