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Marilyn Monroe’s Dog Tells All In New Biography

marilyn monroe Marilyn Monroes Dog Tells All In New Biography

Many pet owners are thankful their canine friend can’t speak up about events they see from their point of view. Our pets are allowed access into parts our most intimate and private moments and are always by our side in good and bad times.  Do you ever wonder what your furry best friend would say about their owner if they had a chance?

Author Andrew O’Hagan ran with this concept in his new comic novel about iconic actress Marilyn Monroe, The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog and of His Friend Marilyn Monroe, written from the pooches’ point of view about his adventures with his very famous owner. trans Marilyn Monroes Dog Tells All In New Biography

The pampered Maltese, Maf, lived with Marilyn Monroe in the last two years of her life, and author Andrew O’Hagan couldn’t help but wonder what the pooch witnessed in the actress’ last moments.

In his new novel, O’Hagan begins Maf’s adventure in England when Natalie Wood’s mother brought the dog over to America for [lastfm]Frank Sinatra[/lastfm], who gave the Maltese to Monroe as a Christmas gift.

The canine lives the high life alongside his owner and meets many high-profile icons during the 60s including President John F. Kennedy, who accompanied Monroe at acting classes, restaurants and department stores.

Maf states in the book, “Marilyn was a strange and unhappy creature, but at the same time she had more natural comedy to her than anybody I would ever know.”

O’Hagan announced he may continue the story after Monroe’s death when Maf lived with her publicist in Washington D.C. during the Kennedy and Nixon eras. He also revealed Hollywood is interested in turning the book into a film in the future.

the life and opinions of maf the dog and of his friend marilyn monroe Marilyn Monroes Dog Tells All In New BiographyThe Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog, and of His Friend Marilyn Monroe is due out this December.

[Source: Marquee]


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