“Full House” Alum Remain Tight Despite Differing Taste In Comedy

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fullhouse Full House Alum Remain Tight Despite Differing Taste In Comedy

We love to laugh- it makes us feel good for those few moments of release and reminds us that the world isn’t always a stressful place to live in. But comedy can mean something different for everyone, and former Full House castmember, [lastfm]Candace Cameron Bure[/lastfm], recently spoke out about what type of comedy wipes the smile off her face.

Find out what jokes don’t get her giggling and which particular comedian she talks about after the jump!

trans Full House Alum Remain Tight Despite Differing Taste In Comedy

[pullquote quote="You're not going to laugh and you're not going to think it's funny." credit="What Bob Saget would say to Cameron Bure about his stand-up."]

Candace Cameron Bure (pictured above with Full House-mates [lastfm]Dave Coulier[/lastfm], Lori Loughlin, and [lastfm]Bob Saget[/lastfm]) recently spoke with PopEater about  none other than fellow former cast-member, Bob Saget, and his less than clean humor. Though the two friends have remained close since their mega-hit show ended, Cameron Bure explains:

When there is a [comedy] show he tells me, ‘I love you, you’re invited, but don’t come,’… He says, ‘You’re not going to laugh and you’re not going to think it’s funny.’

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[Source: PopEater]

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