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Vote For Lisa Stanley!

lisa stanley and will smith Vote For Lisa Stanley!

Live with Regis & Kelly is holding a very special contest! Women of Radio Co-Host for a Day search!  Now almost every day we here on the morning show team get a chance to giggle at Lisa as she talks back to Regis while she catches snippets of the show during our 9am hour!

Lisa was born to win this contest!Quick wit and great one liners! What other radio co-host is out there breaking stories before TMZ? What other reporter told you about the chef that helped the Lakers win the NBA series by taking down the Celtics with pounds of butter in their post game meals!

That’s right, our own Lisa Stanley is out there getting you the stories that matter!  For all the fun and laughter she provides to us in the morning I thought it was only fair that we pitch in and nominate Lisa to win the Co-Host for a Day Contest!

What can you do?  I’m glad you asked. :)

When you nominate Lisa Stanley, the website will ask for a contact number. Please use 323-936-5784.

The deadline for entries is noon ET on July 16, 2010!

To nominate Lisa Stanley, click here!

In the meantime check out this cute video blog from the other day and feel free to attach the video along with your submissions!  Here’s to you Lisa! (and Regis too of course)

  • Daniel Collett

    You guys have one of the best radio shows ever. I live in Nashville TN., Music City USA and radio here basically sucks. You guys play great music are entertaining and funny and seem to have a lot of fun doing it. I listen at work over the internet at work and at home. Tell Lisa I am now going to the Regis and Kelly web site to nominate her for the host of the day. Good Luck Lisa. Thank you and keep up the great job.

    Daniel Collett

  • myfoxmystere

    Lisa, I hope you win the big prize! I’m a behind the scenes production guy in radio.

  • Kathleen

    Lisa – voted for you. Good Luck!!

  • Juana

    Lisa, I hope you win. You can give Regis a run for his money….Best of Luck!!!

  • birdbgone

    I hope you win, but they sure do want a lot of personal information to nominate you. Yikes! It took me 10 minutes to to through the process.


    Just Voted for Lisa! Love the morning show!!!!

  • joe herrel

    I think you guys are the best great music and you guys are funny.i get kick out of both of you but i am a big fan of lisa she is great she is smokeing hot.i will vote for her to join regis.

    • Jane Newfield

      Lisa, I just voted for you and hope you are the one that gets selected to be with Regis for the day. The show will have a lot of sparkle and pazzaz with you on board! Good luck in winning!

  • Jane

    Lisa i truly hope that you win this contest, but you know girl how bad Gary will miss you. But were all voting for you

  • irma

    I love your show. I listen M-F 6:am – 8:am. faithfully. My daughter loves it too and she’s only 12 years old. Keep up the good work,

  • Malka Galvez

    love Lisa stanley shes great xoxoxo

  • Steve Pritikin

    Gary, I know it would be difficult for you to let Lisa go for a day. The Morning show would not survive without Lisa. The rest of you are expendable (sorry Tim), but not Lisa. Without Lisa is like Tuna stuck in the can… Anyway, Lisa I voted for you and wrote Regis a solid email letting him know you are the only one for the Women of the Day Broadcaster Job. If he does not put you on, he might as well go back to Millionair. I let him know you have the qualities of Katie Curic, Barbara Walters, Gary Brian without the beard. Further more, I will email Dr Phil and get him to have his audience vote for you (I know you know him).
    Good luck Lisa

  • Jack Rhoades

    Good luck Lisa , you would be great on TV next to Regis

  • oldies76

    Yeah, the day the music died………….with Michael Jackson????? No, that was in 1959.

    No vote from me.

    • Steve Pritikin

      Jerk, don’t write in unless you can say something kind.

      • oldies76

        Did the music die in 2009 or 1959????

  • Mary

    Dear Lisa,
    I voted for you. You’re great. You’d be perfect for a talk show. You BELONG on TV.

  • Victoria Knight

    Just voted for you! Good luck!!!

  • Larry H

    Hello Lisa, your going to the show! I know it… and your going to make Dancing with the stars also! Your a sweet heart… Stay cool you’ll make the show!

  • Ross

    Done -you go, girl! Hope you win -you deserve it!!!

  • Lee Huey

    Lisa, let the listeners know that it takes up to 5 minutes to register and vote so the lazy ones (like the ones that don’t sign up for the All Access Club before playing Beat The Pump) do not get discouraged and give up before voting for the best woman for the job! Sure hope you win, wish you the best of luck!

  • Tom Burciaga "Mr. Ontario"


    I actually had the pleasure of meeting you at the San Manuel Indian Casino with that crazy guy you work with Gary. You are the best in radio and I hope Regis & Kelly see’s that. Good luck and us in Ontario “California” are 101% behind you!!!

  • Kathy

    Sorry Lisa, I tried daily to enter you however it only worked a couple of times. too many times Regis and Kelly’s website did not recognize my user name and or password. then it didn’t remember my birthdate. and when I tried to re register it stated it had a user name the same as the one I was trying to use. Good Luck

  • Lynne G.

    You are great Lisa, voted for you I hope you win.

  • heidi pappalardo

    i vote for lisa stanley

  • ed lopez

    Lisa you are the best. I only wish you could play “The Park, the rain and other things.”

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