It’s Good To Work For Oprah

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We’re all well aware of Oprah’s unprecedented charity to her adoring fans, friends and employees (You get a car and YOU get a car!), and reports of her recent generosity continues to make us all wish we worked for her Hearst and Harpo company.

Who wouldn’t when you get perks like these?!trans Its Good To Work For Oprah

Oprah sure knows how to keep her employees happy.  Word got out that Oprah gave her O magazine staff some pretty incredible gifts including iPads with leather carrying cases and checks for a whopping $10,000.

Oprah’s generosity spans back years with her employees when in 2005 she gave check for $5,000 for the 5th anniversary of the magazine and all-inclusive trips to Hawaii, and last year sending her staff on a 10-day paid cruise to the Mediterranean.

Not a bad gig to work for O.

[Source: CNN]

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