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Celebrities Share Their Thoughts On BP Oil Spill

oprah Celebrities Share Their Thoughts On BP Oil Spill

In what experts are calling the “worst oil spill in American history,” many of us are wondering what action is being taken to clean up our waters and how we can help.  Celebrities are now speaking up and sharing their thoughts on the disaster and are taking matters into their own hands in order to help.

Watch these videos of Oprah, The View ladies and more speaking up on the topic.trans Celebrities Share Their Thoughts On BP Oil Spill

Oprah shares her thoughts on the heart breaking disaster and the action the President’s taking to clean up the mess.

The View gals discuss the heated topic of the BP oil spill.

Celebrities including Kevin Costner, Robert Redford, Spike Lee and more are taking action to create awareness of the spill and alternative energies by through documentaries, PSAs and music.

What are feelings on the topic? Share your thoughts below!

[Sources: ABC News, CNN]

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