Was Perez Hilton Wrong?

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cbsperezhilton Was Perez Hilton Wrong?

Perez Hilton has never been shy about skirting controversy, but he might have gone way, WAY over the line on Monday when he posted a photo of [lastfm]Miley Cyrus[/lastfm].

See why – and what the outcome might be – after the jump!
Hilton posted a photo of 17-year-old Cyrus getting out of a car in a position that could only be described as a “full Britney.” The upskirt shot seemed to show that Cyrus was not wearing any underwear.

As Cyrus is 17, a strict interpretation of the law would indicate that Hilton could be charged with distributing child pornography.

This was the beginning of a rumor-mill media storm, with lawyers, celebrities, and celebrities-who-think-they’re-lawyers chiming in. A lawyer with expertise in child porn cases explained to Salon.com that gossip monger Perez Hilton could be facing major jail time if prosecuted and convicted.

Hilton, for his part, took to his web site Tuesday afternoon, posting a video in which he claims that Cyrus was not showing anything.

“Do you think Miley is that stupid to be out in public without panties?” he asked, adding, “Do you think I’m stupid enough to post a photo of Miley if she’s not wearing any underwear down there?”

What do you think? Is he that stupid?

[Source: People]

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