Neil Young’s ‘Greendale’ Goes Graphic

greendale1 Neil Young’s ‘Greendale’ Goes Graphic

Neil Young’s 2003 concept album Greendale has been transformed through many outlets including a concert tour, website, novel and movie.  Now the rebel rocker has taken the album once step further with the visually stunning Greendale graphic novel. 

So how does an album about the enviropocalypse translate to illustration? Check it out here.

Collaborating with comic artists Joshua Dysart, Cliff Chiang and colorist Dave Stewart, [lastfm]Neil Young[/lastfm] waited over a year for these talented artists to bring his enviropocalypse alive on paper. Recycled, of course. 

greendale Neil Young’s ‘Greendale’ Goes Graphic

Although the illustrations are noteworthy, the story line is where the comic gets, ahem, creative. The comic depicts main character Sun Green finding her magical powers to save the environment and references Neil’s music, life and image in other characters in the story. 

The comic depicts the “hazily nightmarish specters of environmental dread and lost innocence…and conjured dark pictures of a rural community torn apart by oil wars and dumb media.”  Hmm, a nice little bedtime story for your kids to enjoy.

greendale 3 Neil Young’s ‘Greendale’ Goes Graphic 

The comic will be released by Vertigo publications this week.  Will you be rushing to the stores to pick up the environmentally conscious Greendale? Go Green(dale)!

[Source: Wired, Oregon Live]


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