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Memorial Day Weekend! God Bless All Those Who Have Served!

kosovo Memorial Day Weekend! God Bless All Those Who Have Served!

Enjoy your holiday weekend, but don’t forget who made it possible! Our military men and women down through the decades defending our freedom! Having done 25 years and 6000 shows on Armed Forces Radio, I know there is no more appreciative audience than our American troops! But they do have fun when they can, take a look at the video above after the jump and see for yourself!

For more videos honoring our Armed Forces, and to see the “live” feed of the BP oil leak, click on this link to my personal website!

  • michael morley

    Hello Charlie Tuna I’am a veteran of the US ARMY.I want to thank you and all who put this video toghether.I’am very happy that you are Saluting and remembering our veterans and active soldiers all over the world.I just wish more people would do this not just Memorial Day but all 365 days of the year.We need all AMERICANS to step up and REMBER all of our SOLDIERS who is DEFENDING our COUNTRY so we can have a SAFE PLACE TO LIVE. Thank You very much Charlie Tuna for Remberbering all of our MEN AND WOMEN “GOD BLESS YOU CHARLIE TUNA”.i listen to your station all the time it is the last OLDIES STATION LEFT TO HEAR

  • michael morley

    Thank you Charlie Tuna for REMBERING all of our MEN AND WOMEN thank you very much

  • rita padilla

    we are very blessed to have 2 beautiful daugthers and 1 handsome son(i can say this because i am a mom!)and 7 grandsons! Our son(Angel) was in the army from 1999 to 2009 now he is in the reserves): he has 1 son also named Angel(his father’s name is Angel jr my fatherinlaw was Angel sr he passed in 02. Our son is a medic and he is going to school to a doctor! he dosen’t like to talk about it!

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