Melanie & Shmoolie

melanie shmoolie Melanie & Shmoolie

Take a look at my daughter Melanie (BSN RN) and her dog “Schmoolie”.

It takes a lot of love to do what Melanie did, want to know what it is?  Keep reading to find out!

Melanie’s dog Schmoolie is a rescue dog.  Melanie saved Schmoolie and gave her a better life, just like any of you could do to an animal.  There are many animals out there looking to be saved and you can be the person to step in and save a life!

Just wanted you to see her little lovable dog!!

  • Kim

    That is so totally awesome!!

  • Norm Jacobovitz

    That’s a wonderful thing that Melanie did. And Cookie Monster, who I saved at the KEARTH-101 Food Drive and Pet Adoption event says: woof, woof (thank you in doggie talk)

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