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NBC Cancels ‘Law & Order’

law and order logo NBC Cancels ‘Law & Order’

After 20 years, NBC has cancelled Law & Order! It ties the record set by Gunsmoke for the longest running series in history. But that’s not all…there’s another Law & Order spinoff set to debut this Fall, and it’s set here in LA!

The original Law & Order debuted in 1990 on NBC with solid ratings during its runtime, but only taking home six Emmy Awards out of the 52 nominations.

The respected show varied in leading actor roles of the years with Michael Moriarty (1991-1994), Sam Waterston (1997, 1999, 2000) and Jerry Orbach (2000) starring as the main characters.

I haven’t really watched it since Jerry Orbach and Chris Noth starred. Wow! How long ago was that? How long have you been watching Law & Order? Will you miss the show? 

Read the story in today’s paper:

  • Deborah T

    Many of my friends enjoy watching the show. I watch it and TiVo it for my son for when he gets home at 11:00pm. Why would they want to take a great show off the air when people enjoy watching it. Doesn’t make sense.

  • gail emma

    I have been watching Law&Order since it first came on the air. What a great show. Why oh Why would they cancel it. One of the more interesting shows on television…Bring it back.

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