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How’s IM2 doing so far??

im2 Hows IM2 doing so far??

On its first day of release Friday, Marvel Studio’s “Iron Man 2” rocketed to #1 in domestic gross with an estimated 52.4 million dollars at the box office.

That christened the summer boxoffice season in grand style; however, based on that lofty yet not-strong-enough figure, it doesn’t look like the Man of Iron’s sequel will surpass the record-breaking weekend that the July 2008 opening of “The Dark Knight” claimed: 158.4 million dollars!!

“Iron Man 2” is on pace to finish the 3 day start in the $125 million-$135 million neighborhood.

IM2 cost at least $170 million to produce.

Reviews have been mostly positive but not over the top. Good word of mouth may help it to sustain weekend momentum through Mother’s Day.

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