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A Love Story! Cat Tries To Save Injured Mate!

cat video A Love Story! Cat Tries To Save Injured Mate!

I received such a huge reaction when I originally posted this emotionally moving video on my website, I knew K-Earth listeners would want to see this too.

This stray cat was filmed in Turkey (Kızılsaray district of Antalya) trying to reanimate his female friend who got hit by a car, with what appears to be almost a cardiac massage.  Even though some people tried to help him, the white cat wouldn’t let them come near for two straight hours. Finally a vet arrived and took the injured cat. Sadly, it was too late and he couldnt resuscitate the feline.

  • Helen

    I’m a cat lover, and this makes me cry. I cried the first time, I heard it on the radio, and then again 10 minutes later when I told my husband. Now, seeing the video made me sad and brought tears to my eyes, The cats must have share a special love, if only more people could share that love.

  • Jessica

    What happened to the white cat?

  • Pam

    Whoever said animals don’t have feelings is WRONG! I wish I could have held that white cat and comforted him.

  • Art

    hello and thanks for the great music you all play we listen to kearth 101 all the way from Midland Tx.

  • donna

    mad eme cry its so sad they both lookk like my cats thats what makes it even sader for me.

  • Helena

    And this is why I am a cat lover! WHo is singing….is that Elisa from Italy?

  • Penny Nay

    I love all animals, they are so honest and real. This really made me cry, I just lost one of my dogs Christmas Eve. I have had many cats, they are so loveable too.
    Thank you, Charlie, for this very caring photo.

  • Judy Candy

    A very moving video. I’m a cat lover and yes they do have a special bond with each oher.

  • Kat

    This was beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Just shows the depth of feelings that animals truly have.

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