Exclusive Interview With Nigel Lythgoe!!

nygel lythgoe1 Exclusive Interview With Nigel Lythgoe!!

Today we had an exclusive interview with famous judge and executive producer of Dancing with the Stars Nigel Lythgoe. Listen for all the details!!

6 am Fickle

Today the Fickle has flown to Venezuela where a man and woman were arrested and accused for impersonating plastic surgeons. Apparently they were giving silicon breast implants and buttocks implants in an illegal clinic located in their apartment. Tune in to find out their fate!

7 am Fickle

Today the fickle has flown to the United States where military leaders file a report with Congress claiming school lunches are making young adults too fat to fight. Listen to the audio for more details!

Generation Gap

Today we played Generation Gap with 9-year-old Suzette from Liberty School.

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