The Top 20 Tunes of 1964!!!

dianarossandthesupremesimage4 The Top 20 Tunes of 1964!!!

The Dreamgirls

We look back in our files weekly and bring you the top hits of a current date in a year from the 60’s, 70’s, early 80’s and sometimes a bit beyond, BUT, how about a little change of pace??

This is the first installment of the TOP 20 TUNES for an entire YEAR, based on the nationally well respected “Bible” of the music industry; Billboard Magazine’s weekly HOT 100 chart list.

We’ll surprise you every few months or so with another TOP 20 of  a certain YEAR in the 60’s, 70’s or early 80’s and, as always, keep on keepin’ on with our weekly TOP TEN of selected WEEKS gone by in the fabulous and best rock era of music; the songs WE play on KRTH 101…the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s (sometimes beyond, just to keep it all fresh, for YOU!)

Remember, all of us here at KRTH 101 LOVE THIS MUSIC just as much as YOU DO!

Our “First” installment now…THE TOP 20 TUNES for the YEAR (drum roll) 1964!!!

1.     I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND/The Beatles — the song that started BEATLEMANIA

beatlesoned The Top 20 Tunes of 1964!!!

2.    CAN’T BUY ME LOVE/The Beatles — to anticipate demand2 million copies ordered in advance of release!!  That was a new all-time record!!

3.    THERE! I’VE SAID IT AGAIN/Bobby Vinton  — last American #1 song before the Beatles hit the U.S.

4.    BABY LOVE/The Supremes — their biggest hit

5.    HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN/The Animals —their first U.S. hit

royorbisonprettywoman The Top 20 Tunes of 1964!!!

6.    PRETTY WOMAN/Roy Orbison — his biggest hit

7.    CHAPEL OF LOVE/The Dixie Cups

8.    I FEEL FINE/The Beatles

9.    SHE LOVES YOU/The Beatles

10.  I GET AROUND/The Beach Boys — their first #1  national song!

beachboysgroup The Top 20 Tunes of 1964!!!

11.   COME SEE ABOUT ME/The Supremes — 3rd #1 hit in a row

12.  WHERE DID OUR LOVE GO?/The Supremes — summer of ’64; their first #1!

13.  DO WAH DIDDY DIDDY/Manfred Mann — first U.S. hit

14.  MY GUY/Mary Wells — written by Smokey Robinson

15.  A HARD DAY’S NIGHT/The Beatles — the first “title track”  from their first movie!

16. RAG DOLL/The 4 Seasons — even though the British had arrived, “the Jersey Boys” kept makin’ hits, though U.S. acts saw their popularity wane during the first few years of “The British Invasion.”  “Dawn” was another big hit for the Seasons this year.

4seasons The Top 20 Tunes of 1964!!!

17.  HELLO DOLLY!/Louis Armstrong — the great “Satchmo” from the great production of the same name.  NOTE: Louis Armstrong’s nickname is short for “Satchelmouth.” This derogatory-sounding moniker was actually a compliment that referred to his generous mouth. Some say his nickname stemmed from his wide, infectious grin, while others state it was a nickname he earned in band class as his cheeks blew up when he played the cornet!

18.  MR. LONELY/Bobby Vinton — he had TWO #1 hits in this British Invasion year!

19.  EVERYBODY LOVES SOMEBODY/Dean Martin — his first #1 song since 1956!  It would be his 2nd and last chart-topper.

20. A WORLD WITHOUT LOVE/Peter and Gordon — their first hit.  It was a #1 song written by Paul McCartney as a favour (brit spelling) to Peter, since Paul was dating Peter’s sister Jane at the time.

petergordon2 The Top 20 Tunes of 1964!!!


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