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Special Thanks to Dore Alpert

herbalpert Special Thanks to Dore Alpert

And the Beat Goes On

So, I was on the air last Sunday (3-7pm) when I got a phone call from “security” downstairs saying someone wanted to come up and visit for a second and he had a signed CD for me!

He was led up to the KRTH studios and asked if I’d remembered talking to him on the request lines the previous week about a little something he wanted to give to me as a gift.

“Yeah, OK, I think I do remember you saying something about that.  How ya doin’?” as I let him follow me back into the studio for a quick visit.

“Here’s the CD I promised you!”

It was “Beat of the Brass,” one of Herb Alpert‘s more popular albums (now on CD…brand new copy).

It was autographed by HERB ALPERT himself.  “To Bruce, warm wishes, Herb Alpert!”

How cool is that?

Oh, the “delivery guy” I talked to on the phone the previous week?

Herb’s son DORE!!!!

Nice dude….and what a great surprise!

Dore is a huge fan of KRTH 101.

Note:  After Herb’s Tijuana Brass had their huge instrumental hit, “The Lonely Bull” in late 1962, I’d remembered Herb recorded a couple of vocal tunes in the early 60’s under the name “Dore Alpert!”

Do you possibly remember “Tell It To The Birds?” from the summer of 1962??  How about “Dina” from ’63?

This was five years before “This Guy’s In Love With You” was a smash vocal from Herb that hit #1 on the charts (1968).  It was a HUGE hit and is included in “Beat Of The Brass.”

Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass had so so many GREAT instrumental immediately recognizable hit tunes throughout the years, so it was quite a transition for him to all of a sudden have a vocal hit that was #1 for FOUR weeks in the summer of 1968!

I will cherish my personal autographed copy!  Thanks Herb, and thank you Dore!!!!


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